a community-driven, innovative DeFi project committed to transparency, long-term sustainability, and inclusivity. By prioritizing security, ethical practices, and empowering users through accessible financial tools and opportunities, FEG aims to revolutionize decentralized finance and foster a thriving, trustworthy ecosystem.


SmartDeFi™ allows anyone to create a token with advanced features with no coding required. Launch on Base, BNB or Ethereum.  Its innovative, flexible and secure.

All FEG Token holders benefit from new projects launching as well all all buys and sells of every SmartDeFi token created . This key part of the ecosystem makes sure we can FEED EVERY GORILLA with a steady stream of rewards and passive income in the form of more FEG Token.


FEED EVERY GORILLA, also known as FEG is a decentralized crypto project with a robust and dedicated community, support and development team with one mission: BUILD INNOVATIVE TOOLS TO DIRECTLY FEED REWARDS TO ALL FEG HOLDERS.


Our Platforms

Explore our custom trading and charting site, where all tokens from our launchpad will be tradable. This platform routes through UniSwap and PancakeSwap and includes all the tools from our collaborative partner, TradingView.
FEG has also developed the FEGtrack app, which provides project data, charting, market information, and news updates. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
FEG Central, your destination for the latest insights, news articles and updates related to the SmartDeFi™ protocol and from the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Learn more about the upcoming ecosystem

Our specially designed Aggregator/Router enables users to trade tokens on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) at Market Price, sourcing the most affordable rate from several DEXs.

A completely DeFi platform enabling users to retain possession of their Crypto or NFT throughout the entire process, signifying the pinnacle of peer-to-peer (P2P) trading in the Cryptocurrency & NFT landscape.

Grafene is a blockchain-based crypto wallet fortified with on-chain two-factor authentication (2FA). It employs cutting-edge blockchain security to ensure your crypto assets are safe and secure.

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