FEG Staking is now available on both BSC and ETH chains.

The Smart DeFi LaunchPad will allow you to create a highly customizable token in minutes. 

Features Include

The Governance token of its fully decentralized ecosystem, provides asset-backing and passive income opportunities.

Operating on both the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), it has been launched via our comprehensively audited SmartDeFi™ token launchpad!

FEG has one contract address for both BSC and ETH


Top Exchanges and Swaps Listing FEG

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The FEG Track App is specifically designed for FEG token holders and investors, enabling them to monitor the token's real-time progress and gain insights into the overall market data.

The Future of Cryptocurrency: A New Era Unfolds


Utilize any SmartDeFi™ token as collateral to secure an interest free 30 day loan against its underlying value, eliminating the need to sell or burn the respective SmartDeFi token.

Ever-Rising Baseline Value

With every buy and sell transaction, the minimum value continually increases, stored in a dedicated liquidity pool to back your token and enhance security through diversification.

Built-In Utility & Customization

Leverage the inherent features of SmartDeFi™ like Asset-backing & SmartLending, while customizing tokenomics, fee structures, and assets for pairing to align with your project's specific requirements and use case.

Listing & Indexing

Trade freely on any exchange (CEX or DEX) and list on any cryptocurrency indexing platform.

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Migrate Your FEG Token?​

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Transitioning from the initial FEG Token to the newly enhanced version, powered by our groundbreaking SmartDeFi™ Technology, can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

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